About Us

Le Riche Naturals was founded a year after I first started formulating out of pure desperation. My 18 month old toddler inherited my eczema and I knew the condition all too well. We both have extremely sensitive skin. I had made peace with the fact that I would never be entirely happy with the condition of my skin, but I could not bear to watch my little one suffering. I decided to find a natural solution. I never dreamed that I would find a natural solution for both of us, and many of my friends! I never dreamed that I would end up making the most gorgeous, luxurious and effective products I've ever come across!

These products are born out of love. It started with my love for my child. It soared because of my love for science. It expanded because of the love and support of my friends.

My primary goal in formulation is to establish and maintain excellent barrier function. These products have been designed to enhance and support the skin’s natural barrier function. They improve your skin’s ability to protect itself against infection and boost hydration levels utilising natural ingredients that closely resemble the natural moisturising factors found in human skin.  

The next goal is to deliver extraordinary nourishment directly to the skin. These products are exceptionally rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.  All the ingredients are carefully considered and only the best ingredients are used to formulate synergistic blends that enfold your skin in the best nature has to offer.

Natural and organic ingredients are at the heart of all Le Riche Naturals products. On our labelling, all our organic and wild crafted ingredients are clearly marked and the rare ingredient that does not have an organic certification is worthy in its own right.

These products are not a watered down, tepid or a half-hearted attempt at natural and organic skincare. It’s rich, full, concentrated, luxurious and deeply wholesome. It sets a new standard in natural and organic skincare… and the result speaks for itself.

Don't just tolerate your skin. Celebrate it!